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Personal Printed Customization

Print an extra special personalization for your custom order. You can add names, titles, mottos and more for every person you're ordering for. Please be sure to call the store @ 1 (877) 304 - 1899 for a screen printing quote if you are looking to add the same customization to the entirety of your order. Be sure to check out our 60 piece screen print special and our wholesale special.

Garment Customization Options

We offer Jacket Customization, Sweatshirt Customization, Shirt Customization, Polo Customization and Hat Customization! Custom logo embroidery and printing is an option for all of our products and can be applied on the product page. Customizations here are intended as additional locations, or for simple designs that don't require artwork separation (Printing) or digitization (Embroidery). Of course if you have any questions our artists are happy to assist!

Printed Customization

Unlike embroidery, garment weight is less of a concern for custom printed apparel, but material properties do affect printing quality. We recommend additional printed customization as an option for cotton and polyester garments, but prefer embroidery for Nylon garments.

Custom Names, Titles and more!

Other custom options are available. Please call with questions regarding pricing and feasibility regarding unlisted customization requests. We can embroider custom names, titles, quotes, and more! We're not the fashion police and we don't judge; we are happy to embroider or print most anything you desire. We also have a large amount of stock embroidery imagery that can be embroidered without the addition of a digitizing fee (high thread count fees may apply for complex designs)