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Request Company/Corporate Merch Fulfillment Online Store

Interested in creating a company online fulfillment store with EZ Corporate Clothing? It would be an honor to set up and host your store! Please carefully read and review the following requirements for making a corporate online fulfillment store with us:

  1. EZ Corporate Clothing recommends the creation of a company online fulfillment store for at least 50, but recommends 100+ staff members.
  2. There is a setup fee of $150 per logo embroidery only product. This fee is for a full product listing that consists of a main image with a company logo or corporate logo embroidered on the product, other related stock images of the product, the product description, the product sizing, and more.
  3. The setup fee can be waived if a company places a $1,000+ order from just only 10 of its selected products to be set up without incurring the setup fee for each of the 10 products, and the order can be placed on just a singular product or a mix-and-match of products.
  4. Every product after the initially selected 10 will incur the setup fee for each additional product.
  5. However, if any of the 10 initially selected products is discontinued, then the company will have the option to select the exact amount of discontinued products to be replaced with new products without incurring the setup fee for each newly replaced product.
  6. After the company online fulfillment store is created on EZ Corporate Clothing, there is not a minimum purchase requirement for any and all of the staff members of the company. However, the staff members will not be eligible for the discounted prices from the bulk order that was initially placed by the company, but at non-discounted prices with discounts for meeting quantity break requirements only.
  7. Alternatively, EZ Corporate Clothing can stock the bulk order, and ship the products on an as needed basis. The company will have to pay for the individual shipping costs to each staff member.
  8. There is no fee to continue hosting your corporate online fulfillment store on EZ Corporate Clothing.

Are you ready? Then complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can! Please wait a moment for the form below to load or revisit this page at another time; thank you.

Not ready yet? No worries! Please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any and all of your inquiries or questions to the best of our abilities! Thank you for your interest in EZ Corporate Clothing! We hope to be of service to you soon!