The Importance of Uniform Etiquette

Etiquette in any sense of the word is just something you have as a polite, well-mannered person. This goes for uniform etiquette as well. Uniform etiquette revolves around standards set in place by your particular profession. This depends on your industry of work, and can make or break your company’s success.

While not required at every job, uniform etiquette is extremely important. It helps to define the work you are doing and be proud of your work. You can tell what industry some employees work in depending on what their uniform etiquette is. For example, someone in the healthcare industry is easily recognizable by their lab coat or scrubs. This is not only helpful to identify their profession, but is necessary to maintain cleanliness and sterilization as they handle patients and specimens.

Another example is the food service industry. A chef wears an apron, while a server or hostess may wear a button down or polo embroidered with the company name or logo to identify that they are a worker at the restaurant. Without these identifying factors, it is impossible to tell whether the person is a worker or a patron at the restaurant. This uniform etiquette is crucial to getting the job done, protecting the wearer from food stains and spilled drinks that would have gotten on their regular, personal clothing.

A retail store or a corporate office may require slightly different attire. These storefronts may steer in the direction of a t shirt, long sleeve or hoodie customized with the name or logo of the store or company. Although more of a relaxed choice than a button down or polo shirt, this uniform etiquette is still important to the flow of business in the store or office. It helps to identify who’s working and who is a customer. It can also help you be proud of the sales you’re making.

Even offices where “business casual” is the attire are representing uniform etiquette. This look unifies the entire office under a formal umbrella that is done by all dressing in nicer, business casual clothing.

Uniform etiquette is a necessary part of business. Let EZ Corporate Clothing help you achieve your goals! We can customize any piece of apparel listed on our website for your business.

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