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Gemline Bags with Custom Logo/Text Embroidery

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Gemline Apparel
With Your Custom Logo

  • Gemline Ensign's Boat Tote

    Brand: Gemline

    Style #: 127

    Design Type: Embroidery

    $ 26.95

    as low as $ 21.56

    Gemline Ensign's Boat Tote
  • Gemline All-Purpose Tote

    Brand: Gemline

    Style #: 120

    Design Type: Embroidery

    $ 23.95

    as low as $ 19.16

    Gemline All-Purpose Tote - Natural - EZ Corporate Clothing
  • Gemline Colored Handle Tote

    Brand: Gemline

    Style #: 220

    Design Type: Embroidery

    $ 21.95

    as low as $ 17.56

    Gemline Colored Handle Tote - EZ Corporate Clothing
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  • Gemline Economy Tote

    Brand: Gemline

    Style #: 115

    Design Type: Embroidery

    $ 18.95

    as low as $ 15.16

    Gemline Economy Tote - Natural - EZ Corporate Clothing
 - 1
  • Gemline Cinchpack

    Brand: Gemline

    Style #: 4921

    Design Type: Screen-Print

    $ 12.96

    as low as $ 8.42

    Gemline Cinchpack
Gemline tote bags are always on trend, on time and on budget when you shop with EZ Corporate Clothing! Gemline is in fact the promotional product industry's leading supplier of bags and other business accessories and gifts. The full time in-house design team at Gemline makes several new product launches each year to stay cutting-edge and relevant with specific trends. Whether you are purchasing a Gemline contemporary tote as SWAG for your next convention, a Gemline handle tote as a giveaway for clients, or Gemline sports bags for your entire staff, the recipient will be sure to appreciate their new logo embroidered bag!

At EZ Corporate Clothing we offer a range of Gemline embroidery services from the simple Gemline colored handle tote all the way up to the Gemline professional portfolio or lynx sport bag. You'll also find economy totes, cinch packs, all purpose totes, professional portfolios and saddlebags customized with your embroidered logo. Shop with EZ and take advantage of quantity discounts on all our custom embroidered Gemline tote bags. Ask us about free samples!