Company Morale, Corporate Culture, High Standards, & Values

EZ Corporate Clothing Staff

At EZ Corporate Clothing, we have a list of core values that guide us. These core values are a list of qualities and traits that all EZ Corporate Clothing employees display in order to exceed your expectations.


The simple fact that we have our very own, well-defined core values shows our integrity as an organization. We will always strive our very best to uphold these values.


EZ Corporate Clothing offers many mediums in which you can contact us. You can reach us at:

During our business hours, you will always speak to a live customer service representative at EZ Corporate Clothing.


At EZ Corporate Clothing, we understand that ordering custom clothing can sometimes be a stressful experience. We are here to offer advice if you need it, but we also respect that many aspects are traditional and you do not want anything changed.


Being organized is essential, especially for those of us who directly speak with our customers. You will find stacks of Post-it notes all over our workspaces, so that we can quickly jot down your contact details to make sure we will call you back when we say we will.


You take pride in wearing it, and we take pride in making it. Our slogan says it all.


Here at EZ Corporate Clothing, we have a loyalty not only to our company, but also to our customers. We love when you come back and re-order, but we also love when you stop in to just say hi! Our goal has always been to add a new customer each day, and never to lose one.


In order to work at EZ Corporate Clothing, you have to be motivated. How else could we get your orders to you so quickly?

Growth (Personal, Professional, & Business)

Each employee reads books and articles relating to his or her position in the company. At EZ Corporate Clothing, we are always learning.


The way we do things at EZ Corporate Clothing is constantly changing, and these changes are always to better your experience as our screen-printing and embroidery customers.


You will not meet a more hardworking bunch than the team at EZ Corporate Clothing. Most of our embroidery and screen printing staff wears multiple hats in different departments, but we never compromise quality with multitasking.


We really are a team here at EZ Corporate Clothing. Most of our staff members are trained in multiple departments; therefore, we are always qualified to lend a helping hand in order to get your custom embroidery and personal screen-printing orders done in a timely fashion.


From arriving to work early or on-time, to our rush service, to UPS 3 Day Select®, FedEx 2Day® or UPS 2nd Day Air®, and UPS Next Day Air® options--if you need a product to arrive by a specific date, we will deliver it to you early or on-time!


The average EZ Corporate Clothing order ships out within four business days. We think that is pretty excellent! Also, what other company allows you to choose a date by which you will receive your printed or embroidered clothing and guarantees it?


We will always let you know if there is a problem with your order. At EZ Corporate Clothing, we know we are capable of a lot, but when necessary, we can recognize what we cannot do.

Personal Accountability

If we ever made a mistake on your garment, rest assured that we will fix it for you. Sometimes we will even take work home with us to ensure that your garment gets made quickly and perfectly.


At EZ Corporate Clothing, we are all about having fun while we work. From our weekly summer barbecues to customer giveaways—we try to have fun as a company and also include our customers!