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Introducing EZ Corporate Clothing's new collection of custom embroidered gym bags! The gym bag is very reliable in transporting essentials to and from a sports setting, for example gyms, pools, track fields, and more. The gym bag has become so versatile that it is used out of the gym as well, becoming a luggage bag to take on flights, schools bags for students, or literally any other situation that will involve carrying items efficiently. The gym bag is capable of transporting goods very easily.

We have two categories of gym bags in our collection; cinch drawstring bags and duffel bags. Both are great for their respective roles and functions. Both can also be used for the gym and everywhere else. The cinch bags are made up of a mix of polyester and nylon  with an additional custom screen printed design of your choice. They are very convenient for on the go travel. They are lightweight and can easily double up as a backpack. Although it is durable enough to hold many items, it serves better with a few essentials and small items. Our other options for gym bags are our collection of duffel bags. Our custom embroidered duffel bags are durable and heavy duty with various styles to fit your fashion. Our duffel bags also come with varying price ranges. Choosing the right gym bag may take a little bit of research to fully understand what components and functions you would like with your bag. Firstly, the material of your bag really affects how functional it will be for your situation. Canvas and Nylon are very popular materials to use for creating duffel bags. Canvas bags are little heavier but its strong fibers will make it a valuable asset that will be durable for many years. Nylon is a little cheaper and not as durable, but can still be very functional. They have a lot more designs and multiple colorways, making them a perfect material to use for kids when purchasing bags for them!

We carry top brands such as Gemline, Port & Company, UltraClub, and Under Armour who continue to deliver excellent quality products, such as there gym bags. Two of our best sellers are actually very different in style specifications. Our UltraClub Barrel Duffel Bag is a very popular go to gym bag. It has adjustable shoulder straps with one main compartment and a side sleeve pocket. It is also spacious with a length of 18 inches. The best part is that the bag is under $25. A similar bag, the Under Armour Small Duffel Bag, has very contrasting features. It is larger, with a 20 inch length. It is also a mix of strong woven Polyester with leather abrasion-resistant bottom. To say this duffel bag is spacious would be an understatement. Contrary to its name, it can hold a plethora of things. It has two large vented pockets, and multiple compartments. The pockets are expandable to hold laundry and shoes, on top of all your gym gear. This bag may be pricier, but its quality is definitely worth the investment. Don't forget, every bag comes with EZ Corporate's custom embroidery of your company logo. Add style to your next appearance at the gym with one of these great bags!

At EZ Corporate Clothing, we don't just customize clothing, we build relationships. We offer our customers a wide array of services to make sure that every step of our production process gets the proper attention and focus. If you would like to see and feel how your embroidered apparel will come out, we send you FREE samples before your order. We will even cover the shipping to you and the return shipping back. We also have a talented and creative team of graphic designers who are ready to assist you with creating custom art or a logo design. Do you have a large company and  are you the only person involved in ordering for everyone? We can help by allowing you to create your own eStore with us if you would like to make it easy for all of your employees to purchase custom apparel with your company logo. When you sign up with us, all employees will have easy access to purchasing different garments with your logo on them. 

Ordering custom clothing is very easy when you work with us. We have highly qualified, knowledgeable, and professional account managers who will take the time and walk you through a step by step process to ensure that your order is fulfilled. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us Monday-Friday at 1-877-304-1899. We look forward to hearing from you!


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