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Company values and company culture are talked about a lot these days. Whether you work in the strictest of corporate environments or if you can wear jeans on a Tuesday without any questions, we’re sure your company culture is something that has at least crossed your mind.

At EZ Corporate Clothing, we’re pretty laid back. We wear jeans year round (and shorts in the summer too!), but that doesn’t mean we’re any less productive than a company with stricter policies.

In fact, I think you get more done when you’re more comfortable! Read on to see some of our core company values and how they’re implemented at EZ Corporate Clothing. We hope you’ll find an idea to use at your company!

Growth (Personal, Professional, and Business): Each year, every employee writes down goals to fulfill in each of these categories to review with their supervisor. We think this is effective because it lays out a plan for the coming year that the employee and their manager can agree upon. This way both the manager and employee see eye to eye on what to expect out of the coming year.

We also read books that relate to our jobs. In customer service, for example, representatives read QBQ!: The Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller and Fish!: A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results by Stephen Lundin to learn effective ways to talk to customers and have fun while doing so. Maybe you don’t want to ask your employees to read books on their downtime. There are also lots of useful webinars and Ted Talks that you could set aside some time for them to interact with at work.

Change: We’re constantly re-evaluating our processes to make things both better for our customers and more efficient. If something isn’t working, update it!

Teamwork: Members of our team are encouraged to cross train in other departments. This is beneficial to our customers because if we know a little bit about how other departments operate we’re better able to assist them. It also means that we can get things done faster. If our production department is drowning in orders, but shipping is having a slow day, our shippers can help production get our products created.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do here at EZ Corporate Clothing. That includes everything from making sure your customizations on your garments are perfect to getting orders delivered by (or before!) deadlines.

Fun: From our fantastic office holiday parties to bowling trips to beach volleyball and summer barbecues, our staff sure does have fun together! In terms of spreading the excitement to our customers, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never hula hooped with an in-store customer…

Hard work: We are absolutely a hardworking bunch at EZ Corporate Clothing. Many of our employees wear multiple hats. You’ll find customer service representatives answering phones and tweeting plus helping our embroidery department trim and shrink wrap garments… and all with a smile on their faces.

Honesty: It’s important to be honest to your colleagues and own up to your mistakes, but it’s also important to be honest with our customers, especially when you’re working with personalized clothing. When you order from EZ Corporate Clothing, you’ll always know what is going on with your order.

Punctuality: Whether it’s showing up to work on time or getting orders to our customers by the requested date, we do not believe in being fashionably late at EZ Corporate Clothing.

Pride: Our slogan says it all, “You take pride in wearing it, we take pride in making it.” We proudly wear our EZ Corporate Clothing gear too!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about our company culture and that you’ve found something useful to use at your own office. 

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