Is Digital Printing or Screen Printing Right for Your Company Uniforms?

Port & Company Colorblock Cinch-PackIf you're researching options for your company's next set of uniforms, you might have seen that there is a new customization technique available: digital printing.

But what is digital printing? Is it just screen printing for the millennial generation? No, not quite. Is it right for your next custom company clothing order?

Your EZ Personal Assistant will be able to help you decide which printing method is best for your corporate clothing order, but here are some important things to consider when deciding between digital printing and screen printing. 

1. The color of the garment you'll be printing on.

Screen printing looks great on any color garment. There are times we need to be careful consideration is required on our part depending on the color of the garment you choose in relation to the color ink you choose. For more on this, check out our blog post on the flashing process.

Digital printing, on the other hand, looks best on light colored garments. We typically only suggest digital printing if your desired garment color is white or a very light gray or tan.

2.  Size of your order.

Jerzees Adult Cotton Printed Polo - PrintedWe'll gladly produce a single piece order by digital printing, but with all of the set up work involved with screen printing, we like to keep quantities above 24. 

3. Turnaround time.

Not only is there an involved set up process with screen printing, the process itself is also very labor intensive, so this method of printing tends to take longer. Digital printing can be a better option when time is tight. 

4. Feel of the garment.

With screen printing, you can feel the ink sitting on top of the shirt. With digital printing, the ink is printed into the garment itself so you don't feel it. 

5. Type of garment.

Screen printing works on almost anything. Of course, you wouldn't want to screen print on something like fleece or terry cloth, but if it's a fabric with a flat surface, we can print on it!

Digital printing requires a synthetic (usually polyester) fabric. 

6. The color of the ink.

    If you're looking for a glitter, neon, glow in the dark or metallic ink, you'll want to go with screen printing.

    Digital printing can only handle standard colors with our current technology.

    Still unsure which method of printing is right for your custom clothing order? Give us a call at 1-877-304-1899 or send an email to!

    -Michelle Giuseffi

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