What Are Pallet Marks in Screen Printing?

In previous articles we have explained flash printing and discussed how to choose the best colors for your company clothing, but have you ever heard of the term pallet marks? In this article our expert printers at EZ Corporate Clothing explain what it is and the three main causes of pallet marks.

What are Pallet Marks?

Don't worry; they're not as scary as they sound!

First of all, let's explain what a pallet is. It's the piece of equipment that holds the garment to be screen printed onto the arm of the machine that does the screen printing. Pallet marks tend to show the outline of where the pallet meets the garment.

Here are a few reasons that you might see pallet marks.

Reason #1: Squeegee Problems

A squeegee is the device that prints the paint onto the garment in the screen printing process. If the pallet isn't placed in the exact right way, and the squeegee squeezes ink onto the garment past the pallet, you might see a mark from the edge of the pallet. Another reason the squeegee could be to blame is if squeegee is applying too much pressure to the garment.

Reason #2: Garment Color Pallet Marks

Garment color pallet marks are usually most apparent on dark colored garments. In fact, if you use the same squeegee pressure, temperature, and pallet on a dark colored garment and a light colored garment, you might only see pallet marks on the dark colored garment. Take a minute or two to read our article on flashing mentioned above to learn why it's so necessary to be extremely cautious with orders for dark colored garments.

Reason #3: Incorrect Drying Temperature

After a garment has been printed on, we put it through a huge, hot dryer to dry the ink almost instantly. If the dryer is too hot, it will sometimes make pallet marks darker.

Can Pallet Marks Be Removed?

Want to know the best part? Yes, usually pallet marks can be removed with a little steam! We'll just be careful not to get any water marks on your garments in the process.

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-Michelle Giuseffi

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