Three Different Types of Embroidery Stitches

Over our twenty-five years as EZ Corporate Clothing, we've embroidered all kinds of things primarily using three different types of embroidery stitches.

From personalized embroidered jackets with company logo and a dog sweater with the name "Fluffy," to a monogram for your grandma's fleece, our skilled embroiderers know the exact embroidery stitch to use for each order.

Want to know how we decide which stitch to use? The following outlines the top three types of embroidery stitches used by our embroidery specialists.   

1. Walking Stitch Embroidery

Embroidery knitting masterclass part 2 by Jane Crowfoot. Three key stitches you can use to embellish your work: Running Stitch, Threaded Running Stitch and Whipped Running Stitch.The walking stitch (also known as the running stitch) is an embroidery stitch that we are very familiar with here at EZ Corporate Clothing.

Think back to your 7th grade Home and Careers class, and you'll probably remember this stitch, which looks like a long dash. Don't worry, we promise your custom embroidered polos won't come out looking like that pillow you made in middle school. Walking stitch embroidery is great for creating detail and is typically used to embroider company logos or other images. Larger retail companies tend to use the walking stitch embroidery to get a handmade look. 

2. Satin Stitch Embroidery

Satin stitch has a very easy procedure. What is difficult in

The satin stitch (also called the damask stitch) creates a flat, glossy finish that almost looks like satin. Satin stitch embroidery is great for outlining letters and filling in small colored areas of larger embroidery designs. 

3. Fill Stitch Embroidery

The fill stitch is used to add color to larger areas, or it can be used as a base stitch in two instances:

  1. The first is when embroidering on fabrics that are thin, like silk. However, we generally try to avoid embroidering on silk because there is a high risk that you'll see little holes in the fabric after embroidering.
  2. The other scenario for using fill stitch embroidery is when embroidering on fleeces. We'll use a fill stitch underlay so that the detail in a logo doesn't get lost in the fabric of the fleece. Like the walking stitch, the fill stitch is raised.

See also, our EZ Corporate Clothing blog article on embroidery details.

Whether you need a single, personalized, embroidered jacket or custom embroidery stitches on thousands of pieces of promotional apparel for your company or team, EZ Corporate Clothing can help. We offer a full line of embroidered clothing and promotional products including embroidered t-shirts, bags, baseball hats, polo shirts, and more!

Get free personal assistance from our in-house embroidery experts at EZ Corporate Clothing or call toll free at 1-877-304-1899.

- Michelle Giuseffi

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