It's All In the Embroidery

When you're hiring an executive assistant, we bet you look for someone who is detail oriented. We hope details are as important to you when ordering corporate clothing. Don't know what kind of details you should be looking for? Your EZ Corporate Clothing sales representative can guide you, but here are some details to look out for.

Pick your font. Comic Sans says something very different than Times New Roman. Fonts with serifs (the little feet at the end of letters) are generally easier to read than fonts without. Scripts tend to give a feminine feel.

Size matters. Any letters smaller than a quarter of an inch will be illegible and might even look sloppy.

Know your stitches. Block letters can generally be embroidered with a satin stitch while a script letter will use a combination of a satin stitch and a walking stitch.

What do you colors mean? Red usually translates into powerful or high energy. Blue gives the feeling of calmness or trust. Black translates to luxury and sophistication. Orange brings creativity. Brown is synonymous with dependability.

Use your accessories. Embroidery backing and solvy are your friend when it comes to complicated designs on difficult fabrics.  Embroidery backing almost feels like a thin piece of construction paper. We use it on just about all of our embroidery orders, but it's main purpose is to add a layer when embroidering on thin fabrics. When it comes to things like towels, fleeces, or other textured fabrics, we'll use a solvy, which is basically a thin layer of plastic, over the fabric. We embroidery over the solvy--which kind of pushes the fabric down--so the embroidery pops. Once the embroidery is done, we remove the solvy very carefully with tweezers. We call the process of removing the embroidery backing, solvy, and any loose thread ends trimming embroidery. Those are our top tips on detail oriented embroidering. What do you look for in a good embroidery job?

Comic Sans

-Michelle Giuseffi

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