Five Ways to Get Started with Social Media for Business

If you are trying to develop your social media useage start playing with some social media management tools!  via Social Media Monday: Social Media Management ToolsPeople have argued that social media is just a fad, and--in the way of eight-track tapes-- it will soon be a fond though distant memory.

But did you know that Facebook will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary next month? I think we've moved past the fad threshold. Still not buying into it?

In a recent article, HubSpot describes why CEOs can't afford to ignore social anymore. If you're finally convinced, your next question is probably, "But how do I start? I don't know what to post." 

EZ Corporate Clothing has compiled a list of five easy ideas to help you brainstorm ideas for getting started with social media for your business. 

1) What do your customers like? You don't want to constantly spam your followers' newsfeeds with information about your products because they will start tuning you out. Be a resource for information and entertainment on your social channels. For example, besides writing this blog, I run the social channels of an ESL-related website. We post fun English idioms on our Facebook and Twitter pages and our followers love them! 

2) What are your most frequently asked questions? Use social media as a way to answer questions that you get very often. Blog posts are a great way to do this, but if your answer isn't super long, a Facebook post could work too. This is something that we do often at our sister company, Something GreekThis post walks a reader through how to order the ever popular Greek Pullover Jacket.

3) What do you know a lot about? Do you have valuable insight that might be useful to your customers? I manage social media pages of several businesses. Rather than constantly blogging about the customization processes that we offer, I sometimes give advice to our customers, generally small to mid-sized business owners, about how they can improve their social channels.   

Free cut file Social media icons - by Amy Heller4) What do you want your customers to know? Sometimes you should blog about your company's services. People don't want to be on the phone with your sales reps all day, so give them something they can read at their leisure that will help them place their order. Our post, 8 Questions to Ask When Ordering Company Apparel is a good example.

5) What do you like seeing on social media? What are you most likely to engage with? Chances are you're not going to "like" or retweet a company's product image. You're probably more likely to share an inspirational quote or a funny meme.

Do you have any great tips on running a brand social media page? Let us know in the comments!

 -Michelle Giuseffi

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