How to Start a Company Instagram Account


Have you thought about dabbling into Instagram for your business? We have some experience with the social media platform and can assure you it's not just for the kids.

In today's fast paced society, people are more likely to look at pictures than read words; therefore, Instagram seems like a great way to get the word out about your products.

Here are some of EZ Corporate Clothing's top tips for starting an Instagram account for your company.   

  1. Hashtags. Using hashtags is the best way to get discovered. If you hashtag something like #WisdomWednesday, anyone who does a search for that hashtag will see your post.
  2. Creative Product Shots. Show your product in the wild! If you product is small enough to carry around (like a book or a t-shirt), bring one with you when you know you'll be going to a photogenic location!
  3. #Coffee. Pair your product with a cup of coffee. People love coffee, and I think there is something about coffee that just visualizing it makes me feel calmer. Optimize on that!
  4. Put a face behind your brand. Buzzfeed does a fantastic job of this by posting daily quotes (both snarky and inspirational) from a specific staff member and tagging their personal Instagram account. I look forward to seeing that post each morning because it assures me that there is a real person behind the account.
  5. Use the rule of threes. Divide your image into three sections. Your subject should take up only two of the three sections to make it the most interesting to the eye.
  6. Leverage your existing profiles. Use (If This Then That) to post your Instagram content to your Facebook or Twitter pages. You existing followers will recognize that you're on Instagram too and hopefully follow you! 
  7. Show your brand lifestyle. Do you play beach volleyball with your company? Maybe you have a super fun Halloween party each year. Let your customers see it!
  8. Behind the scenes. People love seeing how things are made. We often post images or videos of an embroidery or screen printing machine at work. How can you show how your product is made?
  9. Post frequently. Instagram posts are best done on the fly when inspiration strikese, but if you must you can schedule Instagram posts through ScheduGram or Latergramme
  10. Create content based on obscure/ non-traditional holidays. Pi Day? National Ice Cream Day? Pair your product with the item/theme of the day and be sure to use that holiday's hashtag! Look at websites like Holiday Insights for a whole list of holiday content ideas!

We hope these Instagram for business tips have been helpful! Is your company on Instagram? What are some of your Instagram strategies?  

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-Michelle Giuseffi

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