What to look for when purchasing construction and industrial apparel

When you think of construction and industrial workers, you typically think of them wearing safety vests and hard hats, which is indeed true, but there is much more to their attire than that. There is also a business-like aspect with engineers, architects, and trade specialists, who are required to wear more of a business-type attire to work every day like button-downs, industrial pants, maybe even a suit at times? As they are typically in charge of monitoring the field and making sure all work is being performed to plan. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting construction and industrial uniforms.


Comfort is easily a very important factor in deciding what to get for work attire in this field of work. Considering construction and industrial workers are typically in a work zone all day, having comfortable uniforms is crucial. Considering these workers typically are on the site for 12+ hours a day. This is the case especially for the construction workers, who are doing most of the labor on the site. For the construction workers, giving them clothing such as short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, work pants, and shorts, to go along with their safety vests and hard hats will go a long way towards ensuring comfort towards your employees. 



Another key aspect to keep in mind when making an order for work attire and probably the most important one is safety. Making sure industrial and construction workers are in safe work attire should be the first thought that comes to mind when making this purchase. Hard hats and vests are an obvious purchase for the ones doing the labor and for the ones running the worksite. But you need to consider the time of the year these projects would be worked in. Let’s say the project is around November-January, you may want to consider getting jackets, crewnecks, hoodies, zip-ups, beanies, and much more. Or let’s say the project needs to be done in the summer, look into getting polos, short and long-sleeved pocket t-shirts, caps, and much more. The seasons are very important to what work attire you get. Another factor to consider when thinking about the safety of these workers are the quality of attire you order. Look into named brands like Carhartt, Dickies, Eddie Bauer, Under Armour, and so much more brands to ensure the quality of the work attire matches your desired needs. 

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