Brand Spotlight: Port Authority and Dickies

When it comes to custom logo apparel for companies, events, and much more, EZ Corporate Clothing been one of America's largest, full-service corporate clothing suppliers, offering a variety of men's and women's custom screen-printed and embroidered corporate apparel, along with other specialty promotional items, gifts, and merchandise to choose from. With our dedication towards making you the best custom apparel out there, two of the companies who serve as manufacturers for us have made a strong presence towards our customers. These brands are Port Authority and Dickies

Port Authority

For many years, Port Authority has served as a great clothing company for businesses. They offer a range of high quality and durable clothing, with a low price. They are big when it comes to creating custom business apparel such as polos, button downs, 1/2 zips, full zips, hats, and much more. They are mostly known for the durability the material they make their garments with have. This is very important, as durability leads to long-lasting uniforms and clothing. 


Dickies is a well-known brand when it comes to physical labor uniforms, as they make their garments very durable and flexible, which is key towards jobs that require a lot of physical activity. Garments such as their work shirts and jackets. They are also known for their work making garments for the medical field, as they make very durable scrubs, and medical pants. A company well-unowned for their flexible garments, dickies is the perfect brand for physical activity jobs such as labor jobs and medical jobs. 

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