A few things to consider when choosing a work uniform

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There are a lot of aspects that go into deciding your company's work uniforms. Just like deciding an outfit for an occasion outside the workforce, finding the perfect uniform for your company is extremely important. Let's go over a few things to consider when choosing a work uniform. 


One of the more important aspects of choosing a uniform is maintaining a look of professionalism within the boundaries of your work environment. Whether you work in the restaurant and foodservice industry, construction, medical, or even just an office job that requires a dress shirt, choosing a uniform that correctly promotes the brand of your company and the core values that represent it is critical. 


Another very important aspect of choosing a uniform is to show an emphasis towards branding on the uniforms. Simply including a company logo anywhere on the uniform can go a long way from a marketing standpoint. On our website, we actually have an option where you can actually request art assistance to make any art you want to be featured on your uniform. 


Besides looking good from the outside looking in, one very important aspect of picking a uniform for work is making sure the clothes you put your employees in is comfortable. For instance, if the job requires your employees to move a lot, it is probably wise to look into clothes more comfortable and flexible like performance polos, short sleeves, and long sleeves, or brands like Under Armour, Champion, or Hanes. If the job doesn’t require employees to do as many physical movements,  look into clothing such as casual shirts, dress shirts, short and long-sleeve button-downs, and more. Comfort is very critical towards building a better work environment for your employees. 


This is one of the more obvious aspects of choosing uniforms for your company, and probably the most important. You always want to get the best prices possible for the best quality for anything you buy. Although you can always compromise on style, one thing you should never do is compromise on safety. Looking for the best price and quality for your uniforms? We have a huge selection of specials available for you on our site, including a wholesale special on screen printed t-shirts, custom crewnecks, hooded sweatshirts, and much more. 

EZ Corporate Clothing Customer Service

Since 1989, EZ Corporate Clothing has been one of America's largest, full-service corporate clothing suppliers, offering a variety of men's and women's custom screen-printed and embroidered corporate apparel, along with other specialty promotional items, gifts, and merchandise to choose from. Our specialty includes custom screen-printing and logo embroidery on corporate hats, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, tees, pants, shorts, and other corporate clothing items for men's, women's, and youth, which can be purchased individually and in clothing package specials. In addition, we offer FREE logo setup on most embroidered corporate apparel items.

We offer FREE logo setup on most embroidered corporate apparel items

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