A Few Brands to Look Into When Considering Getting Custom Outwear

Here at EZ Corporate Clothing, one of our main goals is to ensure you have the best choices possible when looking to get customized clothing. That goes from t-shirts to polos, to button-downs, to pants, to outwear, and much more. With the fall in full swing, it is best to get started on bundling up and staying warm while on the job, or just out and about. Two brands that we have on our site that offer really good outwear options include Eddie Bauer and Carhartt.


We have mentioned Carhartt recently in past blogs, but they are too good of a brand to not mention when talking about outwear. Carhartt is easily one of the more well-known brands when it comes to outwear. From its heavy-duty jackets like the thermal-lined duck active jacket and the traditional arctic-quilt lined jacket to its lighter-weighted forms of outwear like the insulated duck vest and the water-repellent full-zip hooded sweatshirt. Regardless, Carhartt has made their name known in the outwear clothing world, and continue to be one of the better choices for those looking to get custom to outwear.  

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is another well-known outwear brand that is featured on EZ Corporate’s website. Custom Eddie Bauer apparel is a very popular brand within our company, because of their great quality material and the good price. Some products that stand out are the typical softshell jacket, the ¼ zip fleece, and the fleece vest. If you are looking for comfortable and flexible outwear, that would be good for outdoor activities and working gear, Eddie Bauer is a great choice.

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