Can I send in my own garments to be personalized?

You find the perfect garment at a local store and want to have your business' logo put on it for your employees to wear. You call EZ Corporate Clothing and ask if we can customize your garments. Can we do it? The short answer is yes, but we typically advise against it. Here's why.     Gildan Ladies Junior-Fit Softstyle T-Shirt - EZ Corporate Clothing
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1. It's expensive. First, we purchase the garments on our website at a wholesale price from our suppliers. You would probably pay a higher retail price for an item you purchase in a store. Additionally, by sending us your garments, you'll incur an extra shipping charge to send the garments to us. If you're placing a large order, that can get very pricey!  

2. If we make a mistake we can't fix it. Say we put your garment onto the embroidery machine, something goes wrong with the machine, and a small hole is cut into the garment. Or maybe we're trimming the embroidery, the phone rings, we get startled, the scissors slip, and we cut a hole in the garment. If the garment was one of ours, we could simply run upstairs and grab an extra (or worst case scenario, order a replacement from the warehouse). If it's a customer's garment, it's not so simple. Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton Sleeveless T-Shirt - EZ Corporate Clothing
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3. We don't know the garments we're working with. While it's generally pret ty easy to find out what kind of fabric a garment is made of, we don't always know how it will perform when under the embroidery needles or on the screen printing machine. When we get new products we often do a few test runs before putting the item on our website. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with a customer's garment.  

4. It's more time consuming. We need to be more careful when decorating customers' garments which usually means we spend a little extra time on these orders. Also, all of our suppliers can send us items in three days or less. A customers' own garments might take longer depending on where he/she is located and what shipping method is being used.   Still have questions about customizing your own garments? Give us a call at 1-877-304-1899! -Michelle Giuseffi

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