Our Top 10 SEO Tips

Alexis V

We almost titled this "Our Top  10 SEO Tricks" but there really are no tricks when it comes to SEO. If you think you've discovered a trick, Google probably knows about it already, so just don't try it.

Here are ten ways to improve your SEO from EZ Corporate Clothing!  


1. Write for humans, Google will figure it out. We know you have a list of keywords that you want to use, but don't overuse them. Your goal should be to help web searchers, not confuse them by stuffing your keywords.

2. Abbreviations vs. no abbreviations. "Street" or "St" might not seem like a huge difference, but Google will view those as two different locations. Take your pick and stick with it.

3. Mind your anchor text. Google doesn't like the words "click," "here," or worst of all "click here." Google understands what a link is, and prefers for your anchor text to have meaning. Your anchor text should explain what the link is.

4. Dashes > Underscores. Notice how the URL of this blog post is "...our-top-seo-tips" and not "...our_top_seo_tips." This is because Google will recognize characters separated by dashes as words. That's not the case for underscores.

5. Start a company blog. We've been advising you to start a company blog for years. Your blog is a great way to explain what you do and why you're the best in your industry to your customers. It's also a great way to establish authority among your peers and showcase new products and sales... we could go on for days.

6. Use image tags. Not only is this good practice in case an image doesn't load, but chances are your image tag will utilize one of your keywords too.

7. Focus on long tail keywords. Users are searching for things like "How to create a company blog" instead of just "company blogs" nowadays. Keep that in mind when designing tags and titles.

8. Check your page load time. A slow site will work against you when Google crawls your site!

9. Get your business on Google+. Sure your customers might not be super active on Google+, but it's the only social media site that Google owns. Google can't really crawl Facebook or Twitter, but you bet it's taking your business's Google+ page into account in search rankings.

10. Connect with bloggers and influencers in your industry. Sure, you want backlinks, but you want quality backlinks, so make sure there is a reason for any link to your site. How is your company doing in the SEO department. Have questions? Let us know in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter!    -Michelle Giuseffi

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