What is Digital Printing?

We know you're familiar with embroidery and screen printing as common options for business uniforms, but what about digital printing? EZ Corporate Clothing has dabbled in sublimation, a type of digital printing, for about two years now. Here's some facts to help you determine if sublimation is right for your next company clothing order.

How Sublimation Works

Much like screen printing, an artist creates your design or logo, which is sent to you for approval. Once we get artwork approval, your design in printed onto what looks like a large sheet of paper with a printer that looks much like your regular office printer. Once your design in printed out, it's pressed onto the garment using a heat press. Think of those iron-on designs you used as a kid--except this is much more sophisticated and much more effective.    

Advantages of Sublimation

  • Since the ink is imprinted into the garment, rather than on top of the garment as it is with screen printing, sublimated prints are less likely to fade.
  • We can sublimate just one shirt. No 24 piece minimum here!
  • There is no extra charge per color as there is with screen printing.
Limitations with Sublimation
  • Sublimation really only works on light colored garments.  If you want black or navy shirts, we suggest screen printing.
  • Garments must be a polyester blend. Sublimation won't work on 100% cotton garments.
How Do I Know if Sublimation is Right for my Corporate Apparel?
  • You want a lighter layer of ink than you'd get with screen printing.
  • You have a very small order. We can sublimate just one shirt!
Sublimation digital printing isn't currently an option available on the EZ Corporate Clothing site. The two examples above are from our sister sites Fire Department Clothing and Something Greek. That doesn't mean that we can't sublimate your order though! Give us a call at 1-877-1899 and we'll set it up! -Michelle Giuseffi
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