Why Does the Embroidery on my Polos Look Different than the Sew Out?

Angela Tucker

The best way to get an idea of what your custom embroidered company clothing order will look like is for us to provide you with a sew out.

A sew out is a sample of what your embroidered logo will look like on your chosen garment. While this seems like a pretty fool-proof way to make sure your happy with the final product, sometimes things look a little different on your final product. Here's why: 

Each head on an embroidery machine is slightly different. If your business is a bakery or restaurant, you have probably realized that your favorite dish probably varies depending on which of your chefs makes it. Neither way is necessarily better, and the dish probably also varies a little each time the same chef makes it as well. The same holds true for our embroidery heads, the name of each station of an embroidery machine. 

Each needle isn't the exact same sharpness. A sharp needle's embroidery will look slightly different than embroidery from a needle in the later stages of its life. While, of course, we change our needles when they get dull, there can be a slight difference between a brand new needle and one that's only been used for just a day or two. Other very small things, like the tension between the spool of thread and needle, can also cause minor differences. 

The material being embroidered is different. When we do sew outs, we use sample fabric. We'll try to match the fabric type and color as best we can, but sometimes our current resources are limited. Also, if you've ordered embroidered t-shirts from us before, but now you're ordering fleece jackets or towels, the logo will generally look a bit different on these texturized fabrics.

Sew outs are a great way to get an idea of what your next EZ Corporate Clothing order will look like, but they should be looked at as an example and not an exact replica of the finished product. Though there might be slight variances, we think seeing a sew out is a great way to make sure you're getting the best custom clothing for your business.  

For more information or to learn more about EZ Corporate Clothing’s free garment samples, please call 1-877-304-1899 or use our online EZ Personal Assistant.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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