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How to Get More Followers on Your Business Social Media Pages

25 August, 2015

You know your business needs to be on social media for both it's SEO benefits and for interaction with your customers, but what good can your posts and tweets do if there is no one there to see them? You could buy followers, but typically paying for followers doesn't create the quality audience you'd want. EZ Corporate Clothing has created a list of the best ways to organically increase your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

1. Follow people in your target audience. While you want to be careful that you're not being spam-y, you can grow your fan base by following a few influential people in your target audience. At EZ Corporate Clothing, we follow other brands and small businesses, for example.

2. Check out your competition. You might not want to follow your competition from your business account, but you should definitely follow them from your personal account, or use Facebook's Pages to Watch or Twitter's list feature. See what works for them because you can probably come up with something similar to post on your page.

3. Host a contest. Contests are a fun way to interact with your customers and find new ones. You can make the first rule of the contest that you have to

"like" or follow your business page to enter. Then, be creative! A great creative contest that we ran at our sister company, Something Greek, involved choosing a sorority recruitment theme and illustrating it on a Pinterest board. Just be sure to read the contest rules of the social platform you choose to use before you start your contest!

4. Ask people to share your content. Sharing, retweeting, reblogging, etc. is a great way to reach potential new customers. A simple "share if you agree!" on a funny photo or inspiration quote goes a long way.


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