Screen-Printing vs. Embroidery: Which Is A Better Fit For Your Company Apparel?

Screen-Printing and Embroidery decoration both have their benefits as well as pitfalls, so which decoration type is more appropriate to use for your Company Clothing?

Screen-Printed Decoration Pros and Cons:


Custom Screen Printing

  • more economical and cheaper than embroidery - the best savings occur on orders over 100 pieces total.
  • when using different color garments, the ink color can be changed, sometimes at no additional charge
  • quicker process than embroidery - faster turnaround time; great for Rush Service
  • better for larger designs - size of design does not influence price (unlike embroidery)
  • can imprint on some locations not available for embroidery decoration
  • screens are kept on file - no screen charge on future orders of the same exact design
  • allows for more detail in designs as well as very small text which can still be legible, i.e. - under 0.2"
  • prints do not carry much weight on the garment - embroidery decoration will add weight to the garment
  • quick turnaround time on artwork - sometimes can be completed in as little as a few hours and have the artwork emailed back to you for approval
  • pay by color - $20 per screen for each color used in the design
  • has a 24 piece minimum - can do less than 24 pieces, but price will increase dramatically for quantities less than 24
  • garments in a color other than white usually have an additional charge, $0.70-$1.00 additional per garment
  • decoration is not as durable as embroidered decoration

Embroidery Decoration Pros and Cons:


Custom Embroidery

  • can change thread color in design at no additional cost
  • better branding for your company - has more a professional look; looks great on Polo Shirts, Jackets, Hats and Bags
  • no minimums (huge benefit - this allows you to mix and match garments and colors easily)
  • logo will always remain on file once it has been digitized; only have to pay digitization once
  • decoration stands up to time better than screen-printed decoration
  • full library of stock designs that can be used (20,000+).
  • rush service can still be offered, but has a longer approval process - need to approve the artwork first, once that is approved the logo will be digitized and that also will need your approval (the digitization can add a day or two to delivery time)
  • embroidery adds a little weight to the garment it is placed on - works best with heavier-weighted apparel - not a good choice for new fashion light weight t-shirts
  • set-up/digitization fee involved - usually $50
  • small text and detail are difficult to display in a legible manner - anything under 0.2"
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