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Pros and Cons of Private Labels for Corporate Apparel

25 August, 2015

At EZ Corporate Clothing, you will find your name brands including Nike and Adidas, but you will also find some smaller private label brands.

A private label brand is a line of products made by an individual wholesaler. Our three most popular private label brands are Devon & JonesPort Authority, and UltraClub. Below you will find some images of these private label brands' most popular items.

Devon & Jones Pima Pique Polo

Sansum Clinic Devon & Jones Men's Pima Pique Polo

Port Authority EZCotton Pique Cotton Polo

Port Authority EZCotton Pique Cotton Polo

Ultra Club Ladies' Long-Sleeve Performance PinPoint

Ultra Club Ladies' Long-Sleeve Performance Pinpoint

The benefit of ordering private label corporate apparel lies in the quality. When you order a private label brand you get good quality at a lower price. These are not your poor quality see-through shirts by any means.

The downside to ordering private label corporate apparel is that back ordered items can sometimes be a problem. Usually if a private label clothing item is on back order it will remain unavailable for weeks or even months. But rest assured that your EZ Personal Assistant will always notify you if a garment on your order is on back order.

Another possible problem with private label garments is that colors are more likely to change from year to year. Private label clothing companies like to be trendy, so they are constantly updating their color choices. This means that if you order salmon colored shirts this year, that color might not be available if you return to order more next year. This is not really an issue for companies that try to stay on top of the latest trends, but if you are looking for a more traditional uniform, be careful if you choose a private label brand.

If you ever have a question about our garments, embroidery, or screen printing services, please email at sales@ezcorporateclothing or call us direct at 1-877-304-1899.

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