Two Brands to Consider When Ordering Custom Clothing

When you're thinking about ordering custom apparel for your company or for a specific event, alot of planning goes into the process. You need to keep in mind things like comfort, quality, price, specific customizations, and much more. Depending on the occasion in which you are ordering custom clothing, some brands could be a better fit for you. 


Carhartt has always been a household name when it comes to physical labor work apparel. From their broad selection of heavy duty jackets like the thermal lined duck jacket, to the traditional arctic quilted line jacket, to the quilted flannel lined duck jacket, and much more. But over the past few years, Carhartt has become quite the popular brand when It comes to streetwear as well. You see all over social media of the younger generation wearing specific hoodies, short and long sleeve t-shirts and hats from up and coming streetwear designers manufactured by Carhartt. Why is that? Because the quality of the clothing is some of the best you can find. 


Champion is one of the more popular clothing brands out there today. Due to their amazing comfort, durability and price, Champion is easily one of the better brands to lean towards when thinking about ordering custom clothing, Regardless of the occasion. The brand is well known for their comfortable hoodies, sweatpants, crewnecks, t-shirts, Long sleeves and shorts. You won't be upset if you choose champion as the manufacturer for your next custom clothing order.

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