Tips for Employee Milestone Gifts

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Celebrating employee milestones is a very underrated method to boost company moral. In times where employees think they don't matter to a company it is important to show how much you truly value them. Weather its celebrating achieving a goal, earning a promotion or even just a yearly anniversary, showing employee appreciation is EZ!

Working Employees

Since we are in a time of uncertainty it can be hard to really show employees how much they mean to us. Luckily here at EzCorporateClothing we came up with some ideas to help you.

Say Thank You

Sometimes the best and most powerful form of acknowledgement is the simplest one. A simple Thank You always goes a long way in making an employee feel special and appreciated, but sometimes we as employers can take that extra step. If you want to go above and beyond then you can write a personal thank you letter that talks about how much they mean to the company.

Celebrate Anniversaries

Much like we celebrate birthdays and romantic anniversaries, adding a employee anniversary calendar can really help ensure that every employee is recognized on a special day. Including little meaningful gifts on that day can help make it even better. You can give an employee anything from a custom T-Shirt on their 1 year anniversary to custom office supplies on their 10 year anniversary. Any gift small or large will make your employees smile from head to toe.

Acknowledge Career Goals


Nothing is more important in business then meeting goals. For employees meeting these goals could mean an increase in salary or bonus at the end of the year. While money might be the amazing, we could always go one step further and includ a custom plaque or award to show much much this achievement means to the company. Celebrating this milestone shows employees that you dont only value numbers but you also value them as a part of the company.

Celebrating Employees

Celebrating staff achievements allows a company to show their employees how much they value them as part of a family.

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