Brand Spotlights: Columbia and Charles River

Here at EZ Corporate Clothing, we take great pride in providing the most efficient corporate clothing for your company. One way in which we do this is from the brands we work with. This week, I will be highlighting two other brands that may just be your best bet for the next time you plan on ordering customized clothing for work, a party, a club, and much more. The two brands I will be spotlighting this week are Columbia and Charles River.  


Columbia has been a worldwide known clothing company for a long time now. They are well known for their comfortable, good quality, and very durable clothing. They are very known for their jackets such as the mountain full-zip fleeces, shell jackets, the glennaker lake rain jacket, and their watertight jackets. They are also very well known for other products such as short sleeve button-downs, long-sleeve button-downs, vests, polos, and much more. What draws customers to Columbia so much is due to their amazing quality apparel, for a reasonable price. They typically become a well-known brand for companies to get their uniforms from. If you are considering making a bulk order with us, or even just want a few pieces. I would recommend Columbia quite often.

Charles River

Columbia has a lot of Similarities to Charles River, as they are known for their very durable apparel, with very reasonable prices. Well known for its custom embroidery, Charles River offers great apparel. Such as pullover jackets, polos, fleece jackets, shell jackets, rain jackets. If you are in a physical labor field, where you are consistently outside and want to protect yourself from the cold, Charles river is a very valuable choice. A very safe pick.

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