The History of the T-Shirt

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With the ubiquitous nature of the t-shirt today, it's hard to think that there was once a time before people wore t-shirts. Here, EZ Corporate Clothing takes you back in time as we detail how the t-shirt came to be.Custom Printed Tees

In 1913, the t-shirt was born! The U.S. Navy invented the t-shirt as a more comfortable alternative to restrictive garments for submariners working in small, hot spaces.

By 1944, the t-shirt became the most popular uniform for workers. The t-shirt remains the uniform of choice for plumbers, construction workers, farmers, and more.

Picture James Dean. What is he wearing? A t-shirt and a jacket? In the 1950s it became acceptable for Hollywood stars to rock tees.

Custom Printed Ladies TeeWhat was the uniform of the 1960s? The tie-dyed shirt, of course! What could be more fun than tying up a t-shirt, squirting some dye onto it, then unraveling a masterpiece? The '60s was also when t-shirts with political messages became popular. "Save a Turkey, Eat Tofu," anyone?

In 1977, a tourist phenomenon was born; the I Heart NY t-shirt! Shortly after, the tuxedo t-shirt followed suit.

As nod to James Dean, in 1984, the t-shirt and jacket trend came back in full force.

1985 was an important year for us; EZ Corporate Clothing was born! Ever since, we've been making screen printed t-shirts for businesses like yours.Custom Printed Kids Tee

In the 2000s, t-shirts became even more of a fashion statement. Remember the "Jesus is My Homeboy" or the "Everybody Loves an Irish Girl" shirts of the early 2000s? Today, we have hilarious tees that comment on pop culture like ones that say "All I care about is music festivals and, like, three people." Of course, t-shirts as uniforms for businesses, sports teams, and bachelor parties are still as popular as ever.

Source: Bodek and Rhodes

-Michelle Giuseffi

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