New for 2015: Faster Service!

It's March. Have you slipped a little on your New Years resolutions? Well we haven't! Being able to provide our customers with fast, friendly, reliable service is something we strive for all year. New for this year, EZ Corporate Clothing has introduced faster service for all of your custom company clothing needs. Here are some ways your order gets to you faster with us.

1) One point of contact. When you call EZ Corporate Clothing, you don't get passed around from salesperson to salesperson. Have a question about your order? You won't be transferred from person to person to get your answer. Each member of our team is highly knowledgeable about everything from screen printing to embroidery to shipping processes. Want to reorder a year from now? Chances are that we'll be able to connect you with the same person you spoke with today. This means no explaining your needs several times. We'll remember you.

EZ Corporate Clothing Personal Assistant

2) One location. All customized products are done on the premises of our West Hempstead, Long Island location. That means there will be no time wasted shipping pieces back and forth to get the job done.
3) No automated phone service. You'll always get a real, live person when you call EZ Corporate Clothing. We believe pressing one for English, then two for sales is a waste of time. Even better, customer service representatives sometimes have races to see who can pick of the phone the fastest. You won't be listening to that ringtone forever!
4) No remote customer service center. Everything happens in our one location. Your order gets completed and your questions get answered by the same people. This means we're always in communication with each other, so there won't be a delay if a problem comes up. If the issue is embroidery, our friend, Pat, will just walk out to the front of the store, let us know, and we'll call you immediately. Additionally, this means we can physically see the issue at hand. You'll never get miscommunication because our customer service team is right there in the heart of everything!
5) No clueless salespeople. In case we haven't driven home this point enough yet, our salespeople go through a rigorous training process to learn all aspects of our company. What's more? Once you've been an EZ Corporate Clothing employee for about a year, we ask you to train in other departments. I may write this blog, answer the phone, and write emails, but I can also ship a package and (with a little help) screen print a t-shirt! We know the processes which means we're excellent at communicating them to you. Ready to place the fastest custom business uniform order you've ever experienced?


Tell us a little more about what you're interested in, and we'll give you a call! -Michelle Giuseffi

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