Tips for Starting a Business Pinterest Page

What's a fun way to help your SEO while engaging with customers? Pinterest! Many people think that Pinterest is just for housewives and college-aged girls, but this social media platform has some serious SEO capabilities. Here are EZ Corporate Clothing's top tips for excelling at Pinterest for business.

1. Make sure you've set up a business account. Not only will you get that super official looking check mark next to your name, but you'll also get Pinterest insights. These analytics show you things like the number of impressions your pins had in a given day, demographic information about your followers, how many repins you got, and much more!

2. Word your "About Me" carefully. Psst. Pinterest secret. Google pulls information from your "About Me" to determine search rankings. You'll want to make it readable to the average human, but make sure you have some keywords in there!

3. Pin your products. Each pin is a link back to your website, and why pass up the opportunity to bring traffic to your site? Also, 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins, according to Media Bistro. This is kind of an "if you pin it they will come" scenario. If you put the pin out there, people are more likely to repin it and more people are likely to see it.

4. Pin things other than your products. As with all social media sites, you don't want your only focus to be pushing your products. What else are your customers interested in? In our B2B market, we pin things like aspirational business quotes and ideas for company picnics, for example.

5. Add "Pin It" buttons to images on your website. Make it super easy for customers to share and save your products for later. As we said before, once an image is pinned once, it's very likely to be repinned again!

6. Write comprehensive descriptions. Like most marketing copy, you'll want to include keywords, but make them relevant. Make sure to explain what the pin is too!

7. Pin your blog posts. You'll need to create blog posts with images in order to do this, but we recommend that anyway! Why not put your blog somewhere else that it can be discovered?

8. Use hashtags. Did you know hashtags also work on Pinterest? Use them!

9. Vary the position of your boards according to season. Have a back to school board? Keep that in the top row during August, but maybe switch it with your Winter holiday board in November. User are more likely to click on your first board than your last, so make sure you're using your space wisely!

10. Follow some of your followers. It might seem odd for a brand to be following a ton of accounts, but we recommended following some of your followers in order to get an idea of what they're interested in. You might be surprised at what you see! Are you using Pinterest for business? Why or why not? If you are, let us know your top Pinterest for business tip on Facebook or Twitter! -Michelle Giuseffi

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