Five Things To Consider Before Placing a Custom Embroidery Order

Custom embroidered apparel is one of the most popular methods of customization for businesses at EZ Corporate Clothing. The popularity of embroidery for company clothing is probably due to its sophisticated look and versatile design possibilities. We know your company clothing order is important to you, so be sure to read these items to consider before placing your next order!

1. What type of fabric will you be embroidering on? Embroidery works well on thicker fabrics like cotton, polyester, and rain jacket material. We often embroider on fleece as screen printing on fleece isn't possible, but we try to keep it to shorter length fleece. When you embroider on longer fleeces, the material of the fleece sometimes dominates over the embroidery.

2. What's the quality of your image? This is pretty straight forward; the better quality image you give us to use, the better quality your finished embroidered product will be. Very small details generally don't translate to embroidery very well. If you're sending us an image rather than having us create one for you, we ask that you send the image as a vector file.

3. The three types of embroidery stitches. You'll want to base your designs on what is possible with embroidery. With the fill stitch, we'll cover large, solid colored areas. We'll use the satin stitch for rounder, smaller details including lettering. The walking stitch is for the smallest of details. Keep these in mind when designing your image to be embroidered!

4. Where do you want your embroidery to go? The most popular placement for embroidery is the left chest of a shirt, polo, or sweatshirt. Will your employees be wearing something that might cover this area like an apron or a name tag? If so, you might want to opt for back embroidery (though keep in mind that larger designs are more expensive) or one of the sleeves.

5. How will the garment be worn? While we're sure that you put a lot of effort into choosing your garment, have you thought about the thread being used for embroidering? This is our job, of course, but it's very helpful if you let us know what your employees do in a typical day so we can choose the best thread for your order. For regular office wear, we'll choose a smooth rayon thread. For sports team apparel, we'd be more likely to choose a more durable polyester thread.

We hope these considerations will help you decide if custom embroidery is right for your business uniforms. Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-877-304-1899.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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