How to Run a Successful Social Media Campaign for Your Small Business

At EZ Corporate Clothing we understand that people who work at small businesses wear a lot of hats. It's very possible that the person in charge of your social media has never even taken a marketing class (personally, I majored in English in college-- so count me into that group). For the jack of all trades, knowing how to run a social media campaign can be difficult, and you probably don't have a lot of time to test different theories. We've compiled a list of tips that have worked for us to get you started. 

1. Write a list of keywords. What words do customers use to find your site? You'll want to use these words in your social media content as well because these are the topics that your customers are interested in. In terms of SEO, Google has some difficulty searching through most social media platforms. However, this brings us to my next point...

2. Read. Up until very recently, there haven't been classes taught on social media, so your social media manager probably didn't learn how to run social campaigns in college. The best way to learn is to read articles about social media. I've already mentioned HubSpot, but two other great resources are Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today.

3. Analyze. Sure you can just dump content into the social media abyss, but how will you ever learn what's working? Take a look at your insights each week and make a list of your three best performing posts and your three worst performing posts. Once you figure out what's working, you can create even better future content from your findings.

4. Make a content calendar. Remember when you were in school and you would just stare at your assignment wondering where to start? Don't let that happen with your social media content. Take a hour or two to create a calendar at the start of each week that lays out what you'll post each day. You'll avoid writers' block and you won't have an excuse to let posting content fall by the wayside if you get super busy.

5. Show that you're a human. If you ignore all of my other advice, keep this one in mind. Social media is supposed to be fun. Don't know what to post? Take a candid picture of your employees and post that. People like knowing that there are real life people behind a brand. Do you have some great social media advice that we didn't cover? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear your advice!

-Michelle Giuseffi
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