Five Custom Apparel Screen Printing Myths Busted

EZ Corporate Clothing At EZ Corporate Clothing, we know that ordering company uniforms can be a big investment, especially for small businesses.  In order help you decide if custom screen printed apparel is right for your business, we've compiled a list of five common misconceptions about screen printing.

1. I have to order a huge quantity to qualify for screen printing. 

While the price per garment does decrease the more you order, our screen printing minimum is 24 pieces on most items. Want to order less than 24? We offer another method of printing called sublimation which allows us to customize just one garment. This method of printing, however, generally only works well on white or light gray garments.
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2. The screen printing on tee shirt will peel. 

Cracking or peeling of screen printing paint is most likely to occur when using a light print on a dark colored garment. To prevent this, we use a process called flashing. Essentially, we put a layer of paint as the foundation for the color that you actually want to appear on your garment. This base layer gives your selected print color something to adhere to making your print last longer.

3. My entire order will look exactly the same. 

In most cases the only aspects that need to be kept identical are the size of the design and the color of your print. You can get white shirts, black shirts, and navy sweatshirts all counting toward that 24 piece minimum we mentioned before.

4. My custom screen printing order will take too long and not arrive in time for my event.

Typically, our custom screen printed orders are completed in 7 to 10 business days. You can also add rush service or expedited shipping if you're really in a hurry.

5. The final product will be completely different than the picture in my mind. 

click to see moreWe always send you an art proof before we print anything. You can tweak it until it's perfect!

Feeling a bit more confident that screen printed custom uniforms are right for your business? Give us a call at 1-877-304-1899, and we gladly help you to get started with an order.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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