Five Reasons to Let Your Employees Choose Their Own Uniforms

EZ Corporate ClothingWe understand that sometimes it's hard to let other people make decisions about how to brand your business. T-shirts are a pretty small item though, so why not let your employees decide for themselves? EZ Corporate Clothing has brought you five reasons you should let your employees take the reigns on their uniforms.


1. They know what they're comfortable in. Whether their concern is fabric, style, or function, your employees know what works for them. If they're comfortable in their work uniforms, they'll be happier while on the job.

Long-Sleeve2. They have the most customer contact. Your employees probably recognize what their typical customer wears. The ideal uniform for your company is one that matches your clientele. So if you work at our sister company Something Greek and you talk to college students all day, t-shirts are fine, but if you work at EZ Corporate Clothing, polos and button downs are a better option.

3. Your employees know the functionality they need.
Do your employees tend to get stains on their garments? Then you'll want to choose something stain resistant. Do they tend to get sweaty? Look for moisture wicking fabrics. Is your store always cold? They'll know to choose sweatshirts instead of t-shirts.

4. They'll be proud to wear uniforms that they helped design. When workers are proud of their uniforms, they'll be more likely to work harder to deliver great service to your customers.

5. You'll have one less thing to worry about. This might be the best reason of all! Of course, you'll probably want to approve the final decision, but letting your employees do the initial work saves you a ton of time.

Have we convinced you to delegate the task of ordering your next set of company clothing? Have your employees give us a call at 1-877-304-1899!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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