Five Ways to Get Creative with Corporate Clothing

EZ Corporate ClothingIs one of your company's core values "fun"? Well it's one of ours! What better way to show off your fun company culture than with your custom uniforms? Here are five tips to make your work uniforms as creative as possible.



1. Update your logo. Have you had the same logo since you started your company 20 years ago? Let our excellent artists bring your logo into the 21st century.
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2. Pick one color and dozens of styles. At EZ Corporate Clothing, we have a daily color. On Tuesdays, for example, we all wear navy. That means navy t-shirts of all kinds, navy polos, navy sweatshirts, navy button downs, anything navy we can find! This way we all look uniform, but each person gets to show their own individual style.

3. Don't be afraid of color. Last summer, I was put in charge of choosing a color for our new customer service shirts. I chose a bright, sunny yellow. People looked at me like I was crazy, but we got tons of compliments from customers and other departments!

Custom Engraved Round Coaster Set4. Accessorizes. Now I'm not saying you need to make bracelets or earrings, but an embroidered company hat or engraved coaster set could be fun!

5. Add male and female options. As a petite woman, I was very grateful when my boss suggested we get women's and men's versions of our latest corporate uniforms. It's a known fact that you feel better when your clothes fit well. Concerned that your male and female employees will look too different? Check out our companion series apparel here.

Want to see EZ Corporate Clothing's fun corporate culture in action? Stop by our location at 180 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead, NY!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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