5 Non Traditional Ways to Use Branded Company Apparel

Have some extra company clothing laying around? Maybe you're about to place an order, and you're wondering if you should order a few extras. Well you don't have to save those old shirts or order extras only if you're planning on hiring new people onto your staff.

The staff at EZ Corporate Clothing has compiled a list of non-traditional uses for your branded company apparel. 

  1. Start a company softball league and wear your branded apparel at the games.At EZ Corporate Clothing, we have a summer beach volleyball team that does exactly that.
  2. Encourage your employees to wear your company clothing while running errands.It's basically free advertising!
  3. Got a cool design? Sell your apparel at an event.
  4. Use your branded apparel for a social media giveaway.This is an awesome way to increase your social media presence.
  5. Make a business timeline wall.Do you own a business that has been around for awhile? Do you still have all of your company uniforms? Turn your t-shirts into art and showcase the history of your business by framing the shirts. Include a little blurb with the year and what your business was doing at the time.

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