How To Wash Your Custom Apparel

Gildan Screen Print ColorsYou spend a good amount of well earned money on branded, personalized clothing for your business, so we know you want to get the most wears out of your company clothing as possible. That is why EZ Corporate Clothing has created a list of the best ways to wash screen printed clothing in order to ensure that you get the most longevity for your clothing.

What We Do to Ensure Your Printing Won't Fade

When printing on dark colored garments, we use a process called flashing to ensure that your screen printed colors will not peel. Basically, this means that there are two layers of paint on the shirt. Using the flash process takes a bit more time and a few more supplies on our end, but flashing ensures that you will get many wears of out of your garment.

Washing Tips

You may have been taught to wash your clothes in hot water as a child, but with today's technology, laundry detergents work just as well in cold water. And that is good news because washing your clothing in hot water can weaken the fibers in your clothing; therefore, causing into fall apart. Hot water is still preferable, however, if you work in a hospital or other place where sterilization is important.

Dryer Tips

Screen Printing ColorsUnless you left your clothes in the washing machine overnight and you are scrambling to get your shirt dried before you have to leave for work, we do not recommend using the "hot" setting. The medium setting will get your clothes perfectly dry in a reasonable amount of time. The problem with the "hot" setting is its potential to shrink your clothing, especially if it is made of cotton. Also, the "hot" setting is more likely to make screen printed garments fade or peel. Though not necessary, the best option is always to hang-dry your clothing.

The Inside Out Debate

When I was a child, my mom would get mad at me if I put my clothes in the hamper inside out because it created more work for her. I'm sure I did this out of laziness, but I was onto something.Washing your screen printed garments inside out is the best way to decrease wear and keep the print looking like new. Just don't tell mom.

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-Michelle Giuseffi
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