4 Simple Advantages of Branded Clothing for Your Business

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Branded apparel can have a big impact on any type of business. Any time your business logo and name are put out into the world, you have a powerful marketing opportunity. Put the business name and logo onto apparel and you immediately increase brand awareness. So, consider these benefits of branded clothing:


1. It Unites Your Team, and Keeps Everyone Looking Uniform

Provide employees with branded apparel as a way to tie the team together. Matching shirts give everyone a sense of unity. Whether the company is actually participating in a team sport as a company or it’s just creating a more united front, the use of carefully branded apparel will give everyone something in common.

Branded apparel also gives everyone a consistent look. Allowing employees to wear their own clothing to work may result in an atmosphere that’s not very cohesive. But when customers come to the office or store, matching apparel on the employees will make those employees a lot easier to identify.


2. It Inspires Interest in Your Company

Customers tend to associate corporate apparel with large, well established companies. That kind of image bolsters their confidence in a company’s professionalism and skills, meaning that they are more likely to feel secure in making a purchase.
Consistency sells. When customers can rely on having the same positive experience every time they work with a certain company, they are more likely to continue to patronize that business. Corporate apparel provides a consistent appearance for all employees, reinforcing that feeling of reliability.
People associate branded items with higher quality. When consumers are presented with items of identical quality, one bearing a brand, they inevitably identify the branded item as the higher-quality one. Corporate apparel taps into that perception, elevating the apparent quality of your company.
Corporate apparel also gives employees specific authority. Customers tend to view employees who wear corporate apparel as both brand ambassadors and experts in their field. This opinion increases their confidence in employees’ competence and ability to meet their needs.

So take the time to design eye-catching apparel and the pieces you give out will create an air of interest around town where your company is concerned. Use a catchy phrase or interesting design that will have others asking questions and wondering what the company is all about.


3. It Creates a Distinct Corporate Culture

One of the most significant advantages of corporate apparel is that it helps to build a distinct corporate culture among employees. The wide variety of corporate apparel items also makes it easy to find a comfortable and chic option that employees will love. Beyond simply making it easier for employees to choose an outfit in the morning, corporate apparel fosters identification with the company’s values and mission.
  • Corporate apparel establishes an automatic dress code that is both professional and comfortable. Because employees see corporate apparel as a more casual wardrobe option, they generally report higher satisfaction and morale after a switch to corporate apparel. Polos or button down shirts create a more professional air. Tee shirts are casual and fun. Baseball caps are handy when employees work outside. Use the right apparel to give employees the proper look.
  • Employees who wear corporate apparel generally identify more strongly with their company’s values, mission, and goals. They also feel more accountable for upholding those principles, and are more likely to strive to represent the company well. This dedication often results in definitively better customer service.

4. It Inspires Loyalty, and Gives Loyal Customers a Way to Share

When people have a positive experience with a memorable brand, they're more likely to buy that product or service again than competing brands. People who closely bond with a brand identity are not only more likely to repurchase what they bought, but also to buy related items of the same brand, to recommend the brand to others and to resist the lure of a competitor's price cut. The brand identity helps to create and to anchor such loyalty.
Branded apparel is also a great way for customers to share their enthusiasm about the company. Sell or give away clothing with your brand on it and the company’s biggest fans will instantly become walking brand ambassadors for the company’s products and services.
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