Custom Apparel for Your Restaurant or Food Service Company

We've recently added several new products to our Restaurant & Food Services Apparel category. EZ Corporate Clothing has everything that you need for your restaurant, deli, or other food service business. Each of these items is customizable with your company logo, chef's name, server's name, or any other type of personalization you may need. Don't have a logo design already made? We can help with that too. Here are some of the newest restaurant and food services clothing that we have to offer.

Customized Embroidered Chef Hat
Custom Embroidered Chef Hat $9.95

Custom Nappa Coat
Customized Chef Coat
Customized Chef Pants
As always, if you have questions regarding any of our products, the way that the can be personalized for your business, or any of the discounts that we offer, please give us a call at 1-877-304-1899.
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