EZ Corporate Clothing Stepping Up to Support of Long Island During Hurricane Sandy Relief

Our region is still in the mode of recovery in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed homes, took lives and left families and communities permanently changed. As a company based in Long Island, in West Hempstead, we know all too well the toll which Sandy took as it barreled through our neighborhoods and towns.

In this type of circumstance, we believe that every positive and contributing action makes a real difference, which is why we were so happy to be able to play a part in the role of rescue workers in the City of Long Beach following Hurricane Sandy.

We were contacted by the city, who told us that citizens had difficulty finding and identifying rescue workers and city officials.

As company which specializes in customized apparel including screen printing and embroidery, we had the perfect solution. We donated 30 Charles River Navigator jackets to city, relief and rescue workers, half of which were contributed by Charles River. These three-season jackets provided warmth and protection from cold, rain and wind.

Each jacket was also personalized, with a large and easily recognizable screen printed seal of the City of Long Beach on its back, and the words "emergency services". On the front left chest of the jacket we also embroidered the position of each employee. Now, workers could be immediately found by community members and one another, and safer, more efficient progress could be made.

Our home in West Hempstead is a short 10 mile drive from Long Beach, and being a part of this community means responding to those in need in any way possible, and we hope that our contribution was able to make a difference. In addition, we also have made a donation to the City of Long Beach Relief Fund to aid in the ongoing recovery of the community and its residents.

When Long Island was in need, we're simply happy we were able to step up and offer timely assistance.

The tragedy of Hurricane Sandy can't be undone, but the people and areas which were affected can begin to move on. Please consider making a donation in support of the aforementioned Relief Fund to help make that happen as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

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