4 Reasons Why Corporate Clothing Makes Sense

Corporate ClothingI was coordinating a small meeting a couple of days ago at a new restaurant. As I was leaving, a man approached me and asked if I could give him and his party a tour of the facility. I kindly explained to him that I did not work there but I would mention it to the hostess as I departed. He was a bit embarrassed and said I looked like I worked there because I was carrying a small box and I was dressed professionally. 

How many times has this happened to you? Are you ever confused who the customers and employees are when you walk into an establishment? 

Corporate clothing can change all that and avoid any ambiguity of “who is who”. There are many benefits of investing in corporate clothing.

Here are 4 benefits of corporate clothing for any business.

  1. It is an extension of your brand. By investing in clothing that bears your logo and color scheme, your employees now serve as walking billboards for your organization. As soon as people walk into your office, retail establishment, or restaurant, they will notice the logo and color and walk up to the right person for service, instead of a customer. 
  2. Employees look professional. Even though corporate clothing is not a uniform per se, there is a degree of standardization when they all wear the same shirt, hat, and/or jacket. You don’t have to fight with them about a dress code or enforce it. Customers will know exactly who to go to for service.  
  3. If employees need to make sales or house calls, customized corporate wear gives the prospect or client “peace of mind.” Think about a plumber, electrician, or office furniture sales representative who is making a service or sales call in a home or office. When the person (especially when they are home alone) sees the corporate logo and color on a hat, shirt, and jacket, they are much more likely to open the door. When a sales person arrives at an office or home, seeing the logo embroidered or silkscreened on a button down or polo shirt, immediately identifies the person as a company employee.  
  4. Branded corporate clothing helps employees feel connected to the company. With no one trying to outpace others for the “best dressed” category, employees that look alike will forget about the clothing and focus on their work at hand. No thinking in the morning about what to wear. No dry cleaning bills to keep up with. 

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