3 Reasons Why Promotional Items Encourages Growth for your Company

EZ Corporate Clothing Customer Service

Putting your company logo on promotional items such as keychains, mugs, and bags seems like a waste of money. You think to yourself, these mugs look cool, but what use do they have for our company? While promotional items might seem like something extra you can let fall by the wayside, here are three ways your company could use promotional items to expand your business:

1) Promotional items can increase company morale

One of the perks of working at EZ Corporate Clothing are the promotional items that are given to our employees. I was given an insulated tumbler, tote bag, adjustable hat along with apparel from our catalog with my favorite being the Carhartt crewneck sweatshirt. My name was also embroidered onto the Carhartt sweatshirt too, which made me wear my company sweater outside of company time. It really made me feel appreciated and it's a really good motivator boost for our new employees! 

2) Promotion items can build teamwork

What better way to build teamwork than a little friendly competition? Maybe reward your top selling sales rep with a sophisticated branded custom desk clock, or thank your employees for reading business books with a custom engraved metal key chain. Another fun thing is to give people from the same department the same color of tumblers! The key is to build camaraderie.

3) Promotional items act as "free" advertising

Okay so these promotional items aren't free but say you do a tote bag giveaway; your promotional item can double as a billboard for your company. Just make sure your tote bag is worthy of entering a contest for! If you live in or commute to New York City, we're sure you've seen the ubiquitous Penguin Classics tote bag--the perfect example of a tote worth retweeting a tweet or sharing a Facebook post for.

Visit our website to see all of our promotional items. What does your company use promotional accessories for?

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