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Custom Embroidered Bags

Custom Bags with Embroidered LogoCustom Bags with Embroidered Logo 

On Time , Every Time, Since 1989 

Personalized Shoulder Bags 

EZ Corporate Clothing offers you a variety of Customized Shoulder Bags with your embroidered company logo, so you can show off your company everywhere you go. Our Personalized Shoulder Bags range from Duffel Bags, to Messenger bags from some of the sturdiest brand like OGIO and UltraClub. Carry all of your work necessities with you no matter where you are with any of these great embroidered bags.

UltraClub Barrel Duffel Bag - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
District Threads Montezuma Messenger Bag - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
OGIO City Corp Messenger Bag - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
UltraClub Barrel 
Duffel Bag
as low as $16.95
District Threads
Messenger Bag
as low as $39.98
OGIO City Corp
Messenger Bag
as low as $49.14

Customized Tote Bags

What better way to carry your work-related paperwork, notepads, pens/pencils or even your lunch than with a Customized Tote Bag with your embroidered logo? Our Embroidered Tote Bags are versatile and durable with brands like Gemlike, Port & Company and more. Shop our whole selection of Personalized Tote Bags here.

Port & Company Essential Tote - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
Port Authority Allie Tote - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
Red House Heavyweight Canvas Totes - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
Port & Company
Essential Tote
as low as $10.08
Port Authority Allie

as low as $12.34
Red House Heavyweight 
Canvas Totes
as low as $39.00

Personalized Backpacks

Your Customized Backpack with your company logo is the perfect accessory no matter where you are. Our Custom Backpacks are great for travelling everywhere. We have styles for types of needs, from our simplest Drawstring Cinch Bags to our Executive Backpacks from brands like OGIO and UltraClub. At EZ Corporate we offer you high quality Backpacks at affordable prices so you can wear your company pride anywhere.

UltraClub Value Drawstring Pack - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
OGIO Metro pack - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
OGIO Epic Pack - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
UltraClub Value 
as low as $11.74
OGIO Metro Pack
as low as $48.36
OGIO Epic Pack
as low as $74.10

Custom Embroidered Briefcases and Laptop Bags

We offer you a variety of Customized Briefcases and Laptop Bags with your embroidered logo to accompany you everywhere. Whether you're off to a meeting or need a bag to carry your laptop back and forth, make sure you always show off your company logo! From our most trusted brands like Gemline, Port & Company and many more, these durable bags make the perfect accessory. 

Gemline Executive Saddlebag - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
UltraClub Classic Briefcase - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
Embroidered Large Briefcase
Gemline Executive 
as low as $12.97
UltraClub Classic
as low as $23.44
UltraClub Large
as low as $23.81

Embroidered Golf Bags

If you're looking for the perfect bag for work and after-work activities, EZ Corporate carries Embroidered Golf Bags for your needs. With multiple compartments to accommodate all of your necessities, our Personalized Golf Bags are your new go-to accessory. These high quality OGIO Golf Bags are built to last.

OGIO Doppler Kit - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
OGIO Doppler
Golf Bag
as low as $13.26 

Personalized Printed Bags

 These Personalized Printed Bags are perfect for promotional giveaways, company souvenirs and more. Get your corporate logo or any other designs printed on any of these very popular Cinch-Bags and get your company's name out there. Our Custom Printed Bags are made from brands like UltraClub and Port & Company, so you know you're getting high quality products at the best price.

Port & Company Cinch Pack - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
Port & Company Colorblock Cinch Bag - EZ Corporate Clothing - 1
Port & Company
Cinch Pack
as low as $5.33
Port & Company 
Colorblock Cinch Bags
as low as $5.51
If you don't see what you are looking for, or need help with screenprinting, embroidery or bulk orders - please call 1-877-304-1899 to speak with a helpful customer service representative.
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After hours, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Since 1989, has been the largest full-service Corporate Clothing specialty store, offering a variety of Embroidered and Screenprinted Corporate clothing, apparel, and merchandise to choose from. Corporate polo shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, hats, jackets, jerseys, and other corporate clothing items are sold both individually and in package specials.
We have an online store and a physical store in West Hempstead, NY. Something that makes us stand out among the rest in the industry is that, all of the work we offer is done on premises with an in house art department, embroidery machines, laser engravers, seamstresses and screen-printing machines. We also have a specialty printing machine which allows us to print on glassware and other gift items.
This allows us to offer the lowest costs and the fastest service in the industry. We pride ourselves on our customer service and look forward to catering to your needs. We have a long standing good relationship with many large corporations as well as small businesses across the country and we look forward to working with you.
For more information on Custom Corporate apparel from, call 1-877-304-1899 or Contact Us through our Web site. Someone will be happy to address your question or concern.